Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Poetry Break : BOOKS

Moon, Have You Met My Mother?

Remember books?
We read them with our eyes and minds.
We held them in our hands
sprawled out in chairs,
on beds,
on stomachs
or our small behinds.
And what we read
We lived in and we knew.
These were not disembodied words
Afloat on some smooth manufactured
They sighed and spoke
and were a part of you.

Kuskin, Karla. 2003. "Moon Have You Met My Mother?" New York, NY: Harper Collins Publishing. p. 233.

This little free verse poem could become a jumping off point for some great class discussions; because of the imagery used. Students now have a concrete example of how powerful this writing tool can be.

This poem is a nostalgic piece that is easy to relate to… relaxing and savoring a book for the pure pleasure it can bring. Hopefully, showing students that poetry is not a lost art.

Facilitating the conversation with some of these questions might help.

Do you have a myspace? What do you use it for?

Where do you go in your daydreams when there's nothing else to do?

Why? Why write or document this stuff anyway?

How would you describe your favorite time filler?

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