Thursday, March 5, 2009

Poetry Choice: Poetry That Does Not Rhyme

Looking very hard for poetry that does not rhyme, I could not figure out the reasons or the needs for this form of poetry. Then in my search, I came across a new anthology, “The Bill Martin Jr. Big Book of Poetry.”
This new anthology is a beautiful new book filled with poems by over fifty-four new and old poets included within the works by Mother Goose, Langston Hughes, Norma Farber and Robert Frost.
Then I tripped across this little poem by Kalli Dakos.
This poem is fun.
Then I got it!
Unrhymed poetry is a unique way a showing kids that poems, do not need to rhyme. The creation of this type of poetry can be a learning tool for expressing their wonder, surprises and the joys of life. Little vignettes which can be used to help and develop the skills needed to continue finding the proper methodology for advanced skills.

I Brought a Worm

Jane brought a baseball hat
And a ball for sharing time.

But I brought a worm!

Rich brought a goldfish bowl
Without a goldfish.

But I brought a worm!

Lizzy brought an egg with a yolk
And an egg without a yolk.
But I brought a worm!

Joe brought an eraser shaped like a knife
And an olive sandwich.

But I brought a worm!

Jane showed us how to hit
The ball with the bat.

Rich put at class turtle
In the goldfish bowl.

Lizzy showed us how to pick an egg
And take the yolk out.

Joe tried to cut his sandwich
With his eraser knife.

But I ate the worm!
Right there in front of everyone
I ate the worm!
(It was a candy worm.)

Dakos, Kalli. Martin, Bill, and Michael R. Sampson. 2008. p. 88-89. The Bill Martin Jr. big book of poetry. New York: Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers.

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