Sunday, February 15, 2009

Poetry Choice: Douglas Florian

Douglas Florian is one of those special authors who can manipulate words and transform them into laughter. Each poem in this collection has the unique ability to bring adults and children together to share countless laughs.

I have a personal story to illustrate this connection:

I have a sister named Esther, who is an Aunt to over fifteen nieces and nephews and when I read this poem I immediately had to share it with all my children and we had a great laugh together.

Aunt Esther

A beast bit my aunt Esther

And managed to ingester

But couldn’t quite digester

‘Cause her dress was polyester

Now crazy old Aunt Esther

Is my favorite ancestor

Florian, Doulas. 1994. Aunt Esther. BiNg BaNg BOinG: Poems and drawings. 35. New York NY: Harcourt Brace & Company.
Use the power personalizing poetry can have in the classroom.
Have the children find a poem that has a personal message for them then share with a read aloud.

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  1. Actually my grandmother's name was Esther, but the word "grandmother" had too many syllables for the poem. Thanks for the post.